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Let's face it: your PV installation is a big investment. It needs to pay for itself as quickly as possible and afterwards, it has to start bringing in some profits. There is only one thing that matters for you: having as high a return as possible for as long as possible.

This is exactly what our service is aimed at providing:

  • Independent advice: We don’t install photovoltaics ourselves, nor do we have any agreements with manufacturers or distributors. Our only focus is the return you make on your investment. Expect honest, direct and reliable advice.
  • High expertise: Our audits and reports are as in-depth as they are thorough. We don’t leave any stones unturned. The reason? Because it’s only by putting every detail of your PV installation under the microscope that we will be able to guarantee you the maximum return and the longest lifespan possible.
  • Powerful software and hardware: We are the only company in Belgium to work with the GreenPowerMonitor. It is by far the most specialised software and hardware for monitoring your power station and its performance.

Monitoring and intervention


It’s not easy to maintain a high return on your PV installation and ensure it has a long lifespan. Small adjustments are frequently required while fast responses are vital in the event of incidents. They all work to keep your installation functioning at full power. And that, of course, is crucial for your profits.

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Thorough monitoring 24/7

We use high-tech software and hardware to keep an eye on your PV installation at all times, day and night. If we notice an error or an anomaly? Or if we see the potential for an incident? We immediately intervene, keeping to previously defined SLAs. If you want, you’ll also have access to the monitoring software so that your own technical crew can take care of the necessary tasks.

Fast, professional responses

Every time your installation is damaged, every day that it’s out of action due to a defect, it costs you money. It’s also a good reason for us to limit your down time as much as possible. Our monitoring software often gives us the opportunity to intervene before a problem develops. And if there is damage, we are quickly on site with a professional team.

Preventive maintenance and optimisation


Permanent monitoring is important for gauging performance and potential risks from a distance. But once a year, we head onto your roof to see your installation with our own eyes. Some important defects or opportunities for improvement may only stand out under such circumstances.

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Preventive maintenance: the checklist

Our engineers study your installation with the initial audit report and a long checklist in front of them. They take infrared photos, perform measurements and set benchmarks based on your values and those of similar photovoltaic power stations. Where necessary, we perform small and large maintenance tasks so that your installation will keep operating at the highest standards possible for another year.

Recommendations for optimisation

The best way of maximising the returns and life cycle of your photovoltaic power station is to keep investing. New technology, minor adjustments and extra parts . They can all make a big different to the return on your installation. The cost of this optimisation is often negligible. The results are anything but.

Inventory and audit

power-power monitoring-web

You’ll only attain a higher return on your PV installation with solid strategic decisions. And to help you make them, it’s crucial that we know your installation through and through. This insight enables us to quickly intercede whenever necessary.

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We examine every part and component of your PV installation and register it in a clear, easy-to-read report. You know exactly what you have on site, which parts have been replaced or damaged, and you’ll know exactly where to find everything. This information is crucial in establishing monitoring and for making well-informed strategic choices for the future.


Is it the first time that we’ve put your PV installation under the microscope? Then you can be sure we will conduct a thorough audit. This means we won’t just inventory every part and component, but also assess everything based on how sturdy and durable it is, what return it will bring you as well as a handful of other factors. Based on these findings, we give you targeted advice on what to do in the short and long term.

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